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How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Brand

Do you love color, love picking hues for your home, can coordinate your wardrobe like a pro - but have a hard time selecting colors for your own brand? This post is for you.  I frequently get asked by people struggling to pick colors for their website or brand about  my process for creating color palettes.  So I thought I would share some of  the things I do when creating a color palette, as well … [Read More...]


How to Finally Finish Your Lingering Projects

Last year I started writing and book—a book that took longer than I expected to finish. There were many legitimate reasons why it took longer than I planned.  I was writing the book in between working on several higher priority projects, and the week that I had set aside several dedicated days to finish the book, I found myself knocked out with a stomach bug. When I picked the book back up … [Read More...]